What's Dreamscope?

Dreamscope is a cloud based task management app. And it allows you to control your life without struggling with many tasks and make your dreams come true efficiently. Every customer gets a no-obligation, 30 day unlimited-use free trial (no credit card required). So I would like you to try it(Dreamscope is offered as a Beta version now, so you can use all features for free while in Beta). If you want to use Dreamscope continuously, it costs monthly fees(The price not determined). Since Dreamscope is a web application, it's available on various devices and platforms such as iOS, Mac, Android, Windows and Web. No install needed, anyone can use Dreamscope via the internet.

The feature of Dreamscope

You can get the following benefits from Dreamscope.

  • Spending your time on what is really important for your life.
  • Achieving a balance between business and personal life.
  • Getting a lot of things done quickly and effectively.
  • Carrying out your plan comfortably and precisely.
  • Getting peace of mind and concentrating on doing anything.
  • Being excited by imagining your bright future.

Let's try Dreamscope

How to subscribe

Tips for using Dreamscope effectively

Now, let's look at how to use Dreamscope effectively. We are going to outline it briefly for not only people who have used other task management apps but also people who are not familiar with the task management.

Five steps to make your dreams come true strategically

Step1 Knowing yourself

The first thing you should do to plan your life is to know who you are, what you feel worthy of and what motivate you. In this step, you clarify your personal identities and values and think about the way to go.

1. Clarifying your personal identities

We live a life playing different roles properly depending on the situation or the position. In Dreamscope, we call this role "identity" and setting identities is the first step. It's the point that you set not only your role of your current life but also what you want to become in the future as an identity. Feel free and write down the keyword which symbolize what you want to be as an identity.
Also set the mode i.e. "business" or "private (which means personal life)" to each identity and you get to be able to switch the information between business and private by clicking the mode switching button at top right of the screen.

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We recommend that you set a balanced identity based on the following seven perspective.

  • Job
  • Family
  • Money
  • Health
  • Self-improvement
  • Society
  • Hobby

2. Clarifying what you feel worthy of i.e. values

Personal values provide an internal reference for what is good, beneficial, important, useful, beautiful, desirable, constructive, etc. To put it simply, personal values are what you put emphasis on in your life. It's very important in life to understand your personal values because plannning your life based on your personal values raise the success rate and the degree of satisfaction when you complete your plan. The examples of questions to know your values are as follows. Let's make clear your own personal values by reference to these.

  • When do you feel happy?
  • What is the event when you were happy to be praised?
  • What do you ask for to your partner?
  • What do you want to do if you win the lottery?
  • What do you do if you are given a week to live?

3. Collecting what has your attention ("Capture" in GTD)

Use an Inbox (or a notepad) to capture everything that has your attention i.e. little, big, personal and professional all your to-do’s, projects, things to handle or finish. Having everything out of your head is very important.
And put the items in Inbox into goals or tasks under a specific goal in the following steps (The upper limit of the number of items in Inbox is 300.).

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Though this step is an option, you might try it especially when you have the following situation in mind. Making your brain clear encourages you to do the next step easily.

  • You don't know what you want to do.
  • You get terribly exhausted with your work.
  • You feel a vague anxiety about your future.
  • You can't concentrate on your work.
  • You are not good at organizing something.

Step2 Determining goals

In this step, you determine what you want to become at a certain time i.e. your ideal goals. If you have an ability to realize anything you want, what future do you imagine?

1. Make a chronology (a multi-year plan)

You make a multi-year plan. First, imagine what you want to be at a certain time in a few years and set it as a goal. Next, set milestones to achieve the goal backward in time.
Also, Dreamscope has "timeline" view, which is the view to enhance your images of goals. "Timeline" view allows you to see the goals with pictures, movies or music, so let's try using it.

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It's very important that you feel free to imagine your bright future regardless of your current situation. While most people think about their life as an extension of their daily lives, the way of thinking will not bring you the significant success. What you imagine here is the future in a few years. Make your "chronology" not thinking about your goals as an extension of your current situation but keeping broadening the possibility for your life in mind.

2. Set milestones (one-year plan)

Set a milestone per month to achieve the goals in a year or a short-term goal which will complete in a few months.

Step3 Designing tasks

If you determine goals, the next step is determining the rout to the goal. In this step, you choose the best rout from a practical perspective. In other words, you design what to do to achieve the goals and prepare for the action.

1. Design necessary tasks to reach goals.

Desgin necessary tasks to reach goals based on the gap between ideal and reality. Also, set a date and a required time to each task for the next step i.e. scheduling. If the gap between ideal and reality is too large to design tasks, go back to SETP2 and break goals into small pieces.

2. Schedule tasks.

Schedule tasks while seeing the required time per day in "Week" view or "Month" view.

Step4 Carrying out the plan

If goals and tasks are determined, what you should do is just carrying out tasks. Concentrate on doing works in front of you and try to complete tasks within the required time you set. Even if you make an excellent plan, a plan that will not be carried out is in vain. Action is the key to success.

1. Complete a task.

If you complete a task, check the box on the task. The time required for the checked task will be reduced from the total time required for tasks per day.

2. Complete a goal.

If you complete a goal, check the box on the goal and turn off the pin not to display it in the task view.

Step5 Reviewing the plan

Review your task list and update the date of each task based on the current situation. We recommend that you review identities and values as necessary if you have a change of heart or situation.