Dreamscope is a task management app
to create your own life.

Goal-Oriented Approach

You can plan and schedule tasks by working backwards from your goals. By setting clear goals and deadlines, you can fully utilize limited resources and maximize your abilities.

Control Your Daily Life

Dreamscope offers layering, scheduling based on the time required for tasks, detailed repeat functions, visual timeline, thus you can efficiently handle a large number of complicated tasks.

Attractive and easy to use

Access tasks everywhere on any device. Intuitive operation and such an attractive design that you will want to use it every day.



Set the goal based on your value and the value motivate you.



Create the goal of each identity every month or year and plan your life from a long-term perspective.


Visualizing your future

See the visualized timeline of your goal by setting the media such as the image, the movie or the music for each goal.


hierarchized tasks

Arrange tasks in a hierarchical way such as goals, folders, tasks, subtasks.


Calendar views

Schedule tasks intuitively via the weekly or the monthly view.


Recurring tasks

Powerful recurring tasks like Google Calendar increase your productivity.

The time required

Schedule tasks accurately using the time required for tasks.


Add up to three reminders to each task.



Track your time with a single click.

Google Calendar

Connect to Google Calendar bi-directionally.


Connecting to cloud storage

Connect to Dropbox and Google Drive.



Put tasks into contexts via tags and break tags into smaller sub-tags(multi-level).


Filters and sorts

See the data in your favorite order via the powerful filtering and sorting feature.


Real-time data sync

Sync your data seamlessly across all your devices.


The beautiful design

Select your favorite design from some design patterns.


All your devices

Free on iOS, Mac, Android, Windows and Web.