Do you use separate planners for work and personal life?

There are a lot of people who have two planners i.e. one for business and the other for personal life. I also had two planners for a long time because I didn't like mixing the information about business and personal life.

However, I have quit this style with the development of Dreamscope. To be more precise, I have developed Dreamscope so that I could quit this custom. I consolidate information related to both business and personal life in Dreamscope now and feel really comfortable if I do say so myself.

Now, let's look at the advantages of consolidating information about business and personal life and the way of practicing it in Dreamscope!


Why did I need to have two planners?

The reason why I had two planners was because I struggled with the following two problems.

  1. The psychological factor
    The first problem was that I didn't want to open my paper planner where tasks and appointments about my personal life were written in the office. Seeing information about my personal life in the office often leads to interfering with my ability to concentrate and reducing motivation. On the other hand, seeing information about business in personal life is sometimes depressing.
  2. The practical factor
    The second problem was the practical one. Paper planners where information about both business and personal life are written are really messy. Even though I used seals and symbols for tasks and appointments to reduce amount of information, my paper planner also became terribly chaotic. The chaotic planner often causes trouble in scheduling and sometimes leads to missing the important appointment.

In those days, the best way to solve these problems for me was having two planners.


The disadvantages of having two planners.

However, I was soon stuck. I got to feel different frustration as follows.

  • Managing two planners was unexpectedly hard.
    The more you have, the more time and effort you have to spend. It's not special. Besides you need more money.
  • I tended to make light of appointments about personal life with the firm commitment to business.
    In terms of the priority, I tended to put business before personal life. I saw a planner for business more frequently than that for personal life.
  • It often led to double booking.
    I tended to make mistakes such as double booking especially when I was exhausted. And it was almost always appointments for personal life that I had to cancel.

In this way, I had some complaints about having two planners. However, because I could manage to do my work on schedule in business by using two planners, I kept having two planners for five years at least. And, since I had hoped for starting my own business and enriching my life, this style where I put emphasis on business didn't go well. Thus I had to think about the new idea.


The pursuit of ideal planners

The requirements for planners I want are the following four points.

  • I can see a planner in the office without becoming self-conscious.
  • The contents of a planner don't become messy.
  • I can deal with business and personal life equally.
  • I can practice it easily.

First of all, I made the transition from paper planners to digital tools(task management apps) because I couldn't find paper planners that met these requirements. Next, I looked for the task management apps that could filter information and see tasks about only business or only personal life. However, I couldn't find the ideal one.


So I had no choice but for developing it by myself.

It is the mode switching feature of Dreamscope that has solved these problems. You can switch the display between business and private life with just one click. This feature is simple but so powerful.
You set "business" or "private(which means personal life)" to each identity in Dreamscope. For example, if you make "wife" as a new identity, you should set "private" to "wife". If you make "Project Manager", you should generally set "business" to it.
After setting the mode i.e. "business" or "private" to every identity, if you select "Biz", which means "business", on top right of the screen, you can see identities, goals, folders and tasks related to only "business". On the other hand, if you select "Pvt", which means "private(personal life)", on top right of the screen, you can see information related to only "private(personal life)".
The mode switching feature is simple but really powerful, so I hope you to use it especially if you have the same trouble as me.

How to set the mode.

The business mode

The private mode