Does too much information disturb your work?

The editor that you can devote yourself to writing with : "Byword"

Do you know "Byword", which is the very popular text editor for Mac? I suppose that you have used it already. "Byword" can be used not only for Mac, but also for iPad and iPhone.

The big feature of this app is simplicity. This app has no wasted feature and decoration because this aims at only concentrating on writing. Full-screen mode, which is the mode that the whole screen become editor, enables you to realize the effect strongly. And Byword is given many compliments as for concentration in the review of app store. In fact, I'm writing this blog with Byword and I get to be able to devote myself to writing since beginning to use Byword. Byword reminds me of the importance of cutting noise.

Cutting noise helps you devote yourself to your work.

It's very important to get rid of the noise for the intellectual tasks including writing. The noise means unnecessary information to do works. The noise take away your ability to concentrate and reduce your thinking power. On the other hand, judging the information you need and eliminating the noise helps you concentrate on the task you are working on and raise your productivity.

I have incorporated this way of thinking into Dreamscope and I'll explain about it in the next article.