What's your personal identity?

It's very difficult to balance between work and personal life.

I had a strange co-worker several years ago. He was a project manager. And, he was really organized, brilliant at execution and trusted by his people, I mean he was really good at his job. However his personal life was so terrible. For example,

  • He had no savings, though he was in the middle 30s.
  • He was not healthy because he loves junk foods.
  • He was in face of his divorce crisis.
  • He hardly communicated with his parents because he was absolutely exhausted by his work.

I wondered why his personal life was really terrible though he was so clever at his work. I think that there are more or less those who are similar to my co-worker.

I was  not as competent as the co-worker. However, I didn't think I wanted to be like him, even if I was as competent as him. I might fall sick in the future, be lonely in my old age. I didn't want to live such a unstable life.

So, what was wrong with him? I think there were some reason, however, that was not because he was stupid. He was really good at his job. He created the suitable goal for his team and made a highly accurate plan and hedged his risk. In addition to that, he had a good leadership and was so trusted by his people. He was well-balanced at his work. In spite of that, why his personal life was so terrible? I thought that was because he had nothing in mind. He could solve all the problem about his personal life, if he used at most 1% of his energy that he used for his work for his personal life.


Let's broaden your perspective by realizing your identity.

Those who are good at keeping his focus narrowed may tend to be in the above situation. I can understand their feelings very well because I am this type of person. It's very difficult for those who like to keep their focus narrowd to broaden their perspective and think from a long-term perspective. So, this type of person tends to neglect important but non-urgent issues and regret it later.
You need to have the opportunity to broaden your perspective not to regret later. In the example of my co-worker described above, he could give adequate consideration to his team's goals, the process to reach goals and scheduling tasks as a project manager. However, the success as a project manager is not always happy. He should have many personal identities other than a project manager. For example, he should have an identity as a son. He had to think seriously about doing something nice for his parents in the middle 30s such as increasing the opportunity to communicate with his parents, giving a round-the-world tour as a gift and so on. In this way, you should come up with so much you want to do by just realizing that you have an identity as a son or a daughter.

To broaden your perspective for planning your life is to realize new identities of yours. In other word, it's very difficult for you to come up with ideas in relation to an identity you don't realize. However, it's not difficult for you to realize different identities. At least, it idoesn't depend on whether you are clever or not.


What's your personal identity?
Let's balance between work and personal life by realizing your various identities.

You have a lot of personal identities originally and can create dreams or goals for each identity. So, let's think about your identities first. (Off course, it's no problem to check the balance of your identities after thinking about your dreams or goals.)
In the example described above, there is a project manager as an identity of your business. And, other than this, there might be a son, a husband and a father as your identities in relation to your family. Also, how about a photographer if you like taking a photo? How about a pianist if you like playing a piano? You may have an identity like "a healthy person" if you want to keep your good health.
In this way, you have a lot of personal identities. And, I think you automatically come up with various dreams or goals in relation to each identity by just thinking about your identities. That is because thinking about your personal identities is thinking your life from the highest perspective.

I think there is nobody whoes success in one identity is all of his life. It's the most important to have balance in you life from the long-term perspective. Let's keep a good balance in your life by realizing your various identities.


Let's create a well-balanced chronology.

On the basis of this way of thinking, you can create goals for each identity and create tasks for each goal in Dreamscope. I mean, an identity is the highest conception to organize goals and tasks.
First, let's create your personal identity in the goal view. You can create a well-balanced chronology by just creating goals for each identity easily, if you can create all identities you want to become in the future. In short, it means completion of your life plan from the long-term perspective.

How to create an identity

The example of a chronology