What is the essential task for success?

It is recurring tasks that are the key to build good habits for your success.

Most top athletes and successful people in various fields have something in common. That is good habits. While contents of habits differ according to people, successful people have several good habits definitely. And then, how have they built their good habits? The answer is that they have done by doing recurring tasks continuously. I mean, recurring tasks are one of the key factors for success.


Don't make light of recurring tasks.

That's why today's theme is about recurring tasks. While recurring tasks are very important for success as described above, the content of each task is often simple and easy to understand. However, it's really difficult to keep doing them for many years continuously because they are often monotonous and boring works. Unless you have anyone who motivates you to do them every day, you might rely on Dreamscope.


Powerful recurring tasks like Google Calendar

I put much emphasis on recurring tasks in Dreamscope. And I've added the following feature to Dreamscope based on the careful survey of existing task management apps and calendar apps.

  1. You can use complicated recurring patterns e.g. everyday, every 2 days, weekly on the specific day, monthly on the specific day of the month, annually on the specific date and so on.
  2. Every instance of a recurring task including the future is shown on the calendar.

I'll explain in order.

As for No.1, Dreamscope has about the same recurring task feature as that of Google Calendar. So I don't think it happens that you get bothered by a shortage of recurring patterns.

As for how to show instances of a recurring task(No.2), this feature follows Google Calendar, too. Showing every instance of a recurring task on the calendar helps you estimate the time required for task accurately. (The related article : "Can you give an immediate answer about when you can finish an assigned task?") You may consider this feature as being nothing special if you are familiar with Google Calendar or other calendar apps. However, there are some popular task management apps where only next one instance of a recurring task is shown on the calendar and the following task is shown only after you have completed the current displayed task.


Let's build good habits using Dreamscope!

You need to carry out the following two things in order to keep doing recurring tasks continuously.

  • Setting what you should do as a recurring task to Dreamscope without relying on your memory.
  • Securing sufficient time for doing it.

It is not easy to keep doing a recurring task. However, if you carry out each task certainly, the recurring task will become a habit and you'll get to be able to do it unconsciously. According to the research of Dr.Phillippa Lally in the University of London, it takes 66 days to form a habit. In short, it is about for 2 months that you have to do it consciously. Dreamscope will help you overcome this period.