Let's behave now like the person you want to become in the future.

Photo:  Violinist  by  pbkwee

Photo: Violinist by pbkwee

The first step to use Dreamscope is creating identities. We will introduce how to use identities to you today.


The meaning of identities in the system.

You will create goals for each identity first, and next create tasks for each goal in the Dreamscope. I mean, the identity is the box to organize goals and tasks from the aspect of the system.

The item equivalent to the identity of Dreamscope is called "workspace" or "project" in the normal task management apps. It's no problem, however I named the item "identity" because I wanted to express that the item was for realizing your dream.


Let's write down what you want to be in the future.

According to Wikipedia, the identity is explained like this:

"Personal identity is the distinct personality of an individual and is concerned with the persisting entity particular to a given individual."

It's a little bit difficult expression to understand. That is to say, it means "What do you want to become?" if you think about your future.

If you want to be rich, how about a rich person?
If you want to play the violin very well, how about a violinist?
If you yearn for the star, it may be good that you use the name of the star as an identity.
It's very excited to just write down keywords in relation to what you want to become in the future and your brain automatically begins to gather the necessary information to reach the goals.

You may not be able to believe in the thought that you will become what you want to be only by writing down what you want to be, especially not if your current situation is very bad. Although it may be true, you are free to write down what you want to be and not. And it doesn't cost at all. However, writing down the identity encourages you to make your dreams come true. (The related article : Can you make your dreams come true by only writing your dreams on paper?) That's why we strongly recommend that you write down what you want to be in the future as an identity.

Let's write down the keywords in relation to what you want to be with a free mind, as if you were a child who believes that he can become whatever he want to be.


How to create an identity

You can create an identity by clicking the plus button at the bottom right of the goal view.

How to create an identity