Do you really need to do the task?

Photo:  Post-ittime!  by Ignacio  Palomo Duarte

Photo: Post-ittime! by Ignacio Palomo Duarte

What is the key to manage tasks?

It has become much more important to manage tasks efficiently in our modern society of information technology and huge volumes of information. I'm sure that you manage tasks on your own ways such as paper notebooks, electronic tools, post-it and so on. Then, what is the key to manage tasks efficiently? The answers are often like this:

  • To get the big picture of tasks
  • To plan without any omission
  • To break a task into small steps
  • To make a reasonable schedule
  • To be able to check tasks to do now

These are very important to do tasks efficiently. However, there is not the most important thing. It is to judge whether you have to do each task originally. If you struggle with many difficult tasks, what you have to do first is to judge the need of each task. And you should think how to complete each task after you narrow down to necessary tasks. It is nothing special, however you tend to miss the chance to judge the need of each task if you have trouble with a lot of work.


Do you really need to do the task?

For example, I think the number of companies that demand qualifications as a condition for getting promoted increases in these days. Some people plan to get qualifications like this: "I will obtain the qualification of A this year and the qualification of B next year. I will study 3 hours per day!". The more the level of the difficulty to get qualifications increase, the more they have to study a lot and their free time reduce.

By the way, do they have to obtain the qualifications really? To get the qualifications is for getting promoted. Then, what is getting promoted for? If they sympathize with the vision of their company from the bottom of their heart and want to challenge a bigger job for their dreams, getting promoted makes sense very well. However, some people don't necessarily think in this way. Some people  don't like their jobs of their company and work reluctantly to make money. If they think in this way, they have to go back to the purpose of working for current company before they worry about getting qualifications. And if they find out that they can't do what they want to do in their company, they should change jobs. The decision that they change jobs doesn't require them of the qualifications to get promoted.


The higher perspective goals give you

When you go back to a goal of tasks, you often realize that you don't have to do current tasks and you have more important tasks to do. I mean, the measure to judge whether you need to do tasks is a goal. Sometimes, there are new employees who ask their boss about the necessity of their work. This is because they don't understand goals of their work. Someone who don't understand goals of his work can't judge the necessity of his work.


The goal view and the task view of Dreamscope

Dreamscope has two views, which are the goal view and the task view, on the basis of this way of thinking. The goal view is the view to create a chronology of goals and the task view is the view to edit tasks such as creating tasks, scheduling, adding tags to a task, confirming the schedule, completing a task and so on. To put it simply, you can create and edit a goal in the goal view and manage tasks to reach the goal in the task view. There are a lot of task management apps in the world, however I think probably only Dreamscope has the view to create and edit goals.

By the way, if you have trouble with many difficult tasks now, you may want to deal with tasks in front of you first without thinking about goals. If you think so, you can use the task view mainly. In fact, Dreamscope is worth using even if you use the task view mainly and hardly use the goal view. We will introduce great features of the task view to you later.

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An example of the goal view : the timeline

An example of the goal view : the chronology

An example of the task view : the task lists

An example of the task view : the calendar